Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - Code Red on the Chiefs, Deshaun Watson Wants the Dolphins & the Truth About the Kyrie Mob


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On today's episode, Jason kicks things off with a deep dive into the Kansas City Chiefs' underwhelming first half of the NFL season. After getting their doors blown off in two of their last three games, the Chiefs suddenly look like they're in real danger of missing the playoffs altogether. The defense is a joke, and all the good turnover luck that Patrick Mahomes had last season has turned completely the opposition direction. Remember when we all thought that Mahomes was destined to become the greatest quarterback of all-time? Do you still feel that way today now that he's suddenly turned into a turnover machine? Sticking in the AFC, with Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins losing yet again, the drumbeat for Deshaun Watson grows louder and louder. Making matters worse for Tua, Watson reportedly only has eyes for Miami right now in any potential trade; Don't be surprised to see Watson wearing teal and orange very soon. In the NFC, all eyes are still on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after they embarrassed the Chicago Bears during the primetime window. Brady is so good he's almost made greatness seem boring. For example, in a game where Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass, the biggest storyline to come out of it was the negotiation that took place after Mike Evans accidentally gave the ball away to a fan. Moving over to the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers got their first win of the LeBron James-Russell Westbrook Era (even if the fit still feels a little clunky), but the biggest story to come out of the Association was the near-riot that took place in Brooklyn. A large group of anti-vaxxers showed up to protest in support of Kyrie Irving. However, a quick scan of the crowd all but confirmed that their protest had absolutely nothing to do with Kyrie; it was just another opportunity for the mob to cause a ruckus because their feelings got hurt. Finally, Jason closes the show with a New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks edition of the Best Bet.

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