Party's Over: ep5 The Great Outdoors 20th August 2021


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What happens when the Prime Minister suddenly stops being Prime Minister? One day you're the most powerful person in the country, the next you're irrelevant, forced into retirement 30 years ahead of schedule and find yourself asking 'What do I do now?' Miles Jupp stars as Henry Tobin - Britain's shortest serving and least popular post war PM (he managed 8 months). We join Henry soon after his crushing election loss. He’s determined to not let his disastrous defeat be the end of him. Instead Henry's going to get back to the top - he's just not sure how and in what field.. This week Henry's protection officer, Jones takes him on an ill-advised survival weekend in "the jungle". Henry Tobin... Miles Jupp Christine Tobin... Ingrid Oliver Natalie... Emma Sidi Jones... Justin Edwards Written by Paul Doolan and Jon Hunter Produced by Richard Morris and Simon Nicholls Production co-ordinator: Caroline Barlow A BBC Studios Production

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