Ep. 58: The Friends in Beauty Podcast Turns 1 Years Old!


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This is a special episode of the Friends in Beauty Podcast because today The Friends in beauty podcast turns 1 years old!

On May 5, 2020 I launched The Friends in Beauty in Podcast in the hopes of having a space where I could have real and open conversations around how some of our #FriendsinBeauty made it to where they are + to also share some practical information that you can use to elevate your business and shift your mindset.

Over this last year the Friends in Beauty Podcast has had 57 episodes, 23 guests, with a total of 3,809 downloads. I’ve also launched the Friends in Beauty Facebook Community and YouTube channel.

As I was reflecting on the past year I was trying to figure out if I had a favorite episode or favorite interview and I don’t. I truly enjoyed every single guest that I’ve had for different reasons.

Statistics wise the Top 5 most listened episodes were: Ep. 9 Joelle Phillips, Ep. 7 Brian Robinson, Ep. 24 Monae Everett, Ep. 30 Vee Kelly and Ep. 4 Merrell Hollis.

I’m so appreciative to all of my guests for coming on to share their stories and expertise with the #FriendsinBeauty community. And I’m also so appreciative to you for tuning in. To everyone who has left a review, sent me DMs to share their love for an episode, those of you who’ve shared the podcast, and just for your overall love + support for what I’m doing...THANK YOU so much!

If you know me and if you’ve been listening to the podcast over the last year then you know how I feel about celebrating milestones and not taking the baby steps for granted. I really feel like this is only the beginning and this is a small piece of what’s to come for Friends in Beauty. If you only knew...

So I’m celebrating the rest of the week. Help me celebrate by commenting on the designated post on IG @friendsinbeauty for this episode and share what your favorite Friends in Beauty Podcast episode was or what you like about the podcast. You can also share who you would like to see on the podcast in the future. You can leave a review on Apple or whatever platform you’re listening on. Subscribe to the YouTube channel + join the Facebook Community. And you can just tell somebody about the Friends in Beauty Podcast.

Again thank you so much for supporting me and the Friends in Beauty Podcast. It really means the world to me. I look forward to continuing to share with you in this way and if there’s anything that I can do to support you let me know.

Enjoy this episode!

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