Ep. 71: Nichole Wright - How Nichole Wright Is Creating A Conscious Beauty Brand + Generational Wealth


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Today on the Friends in Beauty Podcast I welcome the creator of Satrell Beauty, Nichole Wright, to the Friends in Beauty guest chair.

A wife, mom, and now an entrepreneur Nichole Wright created Satrell, a beauty brand where you’ll find exclusive products that will inspire creativity and expression. Named after her two sons Samual and Dontrell, she aimed to create a company that not only inspires creativity and self-expression, but one that also has a conscience. Satrell Beauty is cruelty free, vegan friendly, and inclusive to all skin tones!

In this interview Nichole shares:

-What inspired her to create Satrell Beauty

-The pros and cons of entrepreneurship

-The importance of having a strong support system

-And why she’s focused on creating generational wealth

I really enjoyed having this chat with Nichole and learning all about her entrepreneurship journey.

Check out this episode with Nichole Wright and share with another #FriendinBeauty.

Enjoy this episode!

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