Ep. 76: Kisha Tyrrell - CEO of Enzuri Beauty Talks Holistic Skincare As She Preps For Her Fall Launch


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Today on the Friends in Beauty Podcast I welcome the CEO of Enzuri Beauty, Kisha Tyrell to the Friends in Beauty guest chair.

There are two things women want in skincare, that’s healthy skin and youthful skin that glows! Throughout the year as the seasons change protecting your skin and proper healing is essential for a radiant glow.

Early in life, Kisha had her first (mini) facial at 12 and immediately fell in love with taking care of her skin and began to learn everything she could about different ingredients and how they impact the skin as it changes over time. After traveling the world to uncover beauty secrets, she decided to create a holistic skincare line to help support women with healthy aging - reducing fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, hyperpigmentation.

This fall Enzuri will launch, and release a complete collection of Facial Cleansers, Toners, and Antioxidant Day Serum and a Night serum with Retinol. So you definitely have to stay plugged in so that you have all the details about the launch.

I had such a great time chatting with Kisha. We have so much in common. In this interview Kisha shares:

-Her inspiration and process for creating Enzuri Beauty

-The importance of investing in education when stepping into a new biz venture

-What is holistic skincare and why she chose the holistic route for her brand

-Advice for starting your own skincare line

-Details on the launch of Enzuri Beauty and much more

So, go ahead and jump into this chat with Kisha Tyrell of Enzuri Beauty + if you prefer to watch the interview then tune in on YouTube.

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Enjoy this episode!

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