Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, Danny Elfman, Emily Davison statue


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Danny Elfman has composed the score for over 100 films including Batman, Men in Black, Edward Scissorhands, as well as writing The Simpsons theme tune. Before he worked in film he was a rock musician in a band called Oingo Boingo, and when the movie industry went into lockdown he used the opportunity to return to his rock roots. He’s just released a double-album called Big Mess. Danny talks to Samira about both his musical lives. Billed as Gossip Girl meets Get Out, Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé’s debut novel, Ace of Spades, is a YA thriller that explores the effects of institutional racism. Set in an elite high school, it follows two black teenagers who are targeted by an anonymous texter spreading damaging rumours about them to the entire student body. Faridah joins us to discuss her book which landed her a one million dollar book deal. Public statuary has a reputation for mostly commemorating male subjects, but a newly unveiled statue of suffragette Emily Davison in Epsom is part of a trend to address that imbalance. But how difficult is it to get approval for new statues, who decides whether a subject is important enough and how do you start the process? We speak with two women, Sarah Dewing, who was instrumental in the Emily Davison statue, and Charlotte Cornell, who is beginning a campaign for a statue to Aphra Behn. Presenter: Samira Ahmed Producer: Oliver Jones Studio Engineer: Giles Aspen Main image: Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé Image credit: Joy Olugboyega

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