Paul McCartney, Paul Muldoon, Booker Prize Book Group on The Promise


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In the first instalment of our new series, Inside the Songs, Paul McCartney talks about his life and song-writing through the prism of ten key lyrics, beginning with The Beatles’ classic All My Loving. Poet Paul Muldoon discusses working with Paul McCartney on his intimate and revealing new book, The Lyrics, and explains why he sees McCartney as a great literary figure. In the latest of our Booker Prize Book Groups, a panel of our listeners talk to the author Damon Galgut about his shortlisted novel The Promise, the story of a white South African family and a promise made to Salome, the black woman who works for them. Presenter: Tom Sutcliffe Producer: Sarah Johnson Photo: Paul McCartney photographed by daughter Mary McCartney Photo credit: Mary McCartney

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