Maxime Bernier’s anti-lockdown People’s Party is not going away


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The People’s Party of Canada didn’t elect any MPs in Canada’s recent federal vote, but its platform opposing vaccine passports and promoting free markets and reduced immigration got nearly a million votes, roughly tripling the PPC’s support over its 2019 debut at the polls. Bernier was excluded from the leaders’ TV debates and his party was hammered with negative coverage during the campaign for its anti-mask stance and for attracting certain unsavoury characters (one since-removed party official threw gravel at Justin Trudeau) — yet it still managed to double the vote share of the Greens. Bernier joins Anthony to explain why he thinks his party is much more than a protest against repressive pandemic policies. And why, thanks to the softening of the federal Conservatives and the advantages his party has earned after reaching five-per-cent support, he’s confident the PPC will be even stronger next time around. (Recorded September 24, 2021.)

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