2/16/21 - Stat Sean x FKWs "I got you, I can break this down for you. I play Football Manager"


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Andrea took a sub this week. Don't worry, she's not injured or anything. She went on holiday for turning 30. Big year, show her some love! We're joined by 89th minute super-sub, Stat Sean! He's back everyone. Tune in for his expert insight. He plays FM..he knows his shit πŸ‘
🚨 New Schedule Announcement: We're going to be putting out episodes on Tuesday this 2021, year of the coup, to give your soccer fix early on in the week!
We kick things off with hot soccer chisme tea to keep you warm, baby girls. All the chatter this week is surrounding Messi and Barcelona over the leaked contracts details. All 30 pages out for the world to see. And if you're into Celebrity cribs, check out Beckham's new digs.

Not cool moment of the week: Yet again, we touch on social media abuse and racism. This time is hits a breaking point.

Across the pond we got Premier League talk. We go over the rest of the weekend fixtures. FA Cup action. La Liga/Bundesliga/Serie A/Ligue 1 roundups!
In our own Backyard: MLS transfer window opens soon but we got some premarket signings to talk about. Also have a listen to DeMarcus Beasley speak on the importance of Black History Month.
Female Intended Play: Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger adopted a baby girl!; Morgan is back in the squad with her baby in tow; Upcoming SheBelievesCup and Olympics; FA WSL Roundup
Stay safe out there FKWs and remember you've got subs if you need 'em!...wear a mask and get the vaccine (whilst supplies last) ffs.

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