147: Access The Magic Within – Dr. POOJA AMY SHAH


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Dr. Pooja Amy Shah is pioneering the future of medicine by merging Eastern medical traditions, mind-body medicine and Western allopathic care.

Years ago, we met in Brooklyn over a cup of ceremonial cacao. I offered Dr. Shah social media guidance and she offered me a magical acupuncture experience. I’m excited to share her kindness and wisdom with you!

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We discuss:

  • The power of rituals
  • Accessing the magic within
  • Mind-body medicine
  • Growing up with Indian rituals and integrating them today
  • Meditation as an antidote to anxiety
  • Metta meditation
  • Plant medicine
  • The new paradigm of medicine
  • Social media

About Dr. Pooja Amy Shah:

Dr. Pooja Amy Shah is a licensed and dual board certified physician (M.D.) in Integrative Medicine and Family Medicine. She followed medical school and residency with additional education in integrative medicine including: medical acupuncture at Harvard Medical School, contemplative psychotherapy at Nalanda Institute, mind-body medicine at Harvard University’s Benson-Henry Institute, yoga teacher certification at Kula Yoga Project NYC, integrative medicine studies through the University of Arizona’s Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, among others.

Dr. Shah has a private integrative medicine practice near Madison Square Park focused on the holistic healing of the body and mind using a skillful blend of Eastern medical traditions and standard Western allopathic care. She also works as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University / New York-Presbyterian Hospital since 2011 where she serves as Director of Integrative Medicine and teaches residents and medical students. She offers a number of courses and workshops, most often on the subject of incorporating mind-body medicine into your daily life for whole health and wellness.

Connect with Dr. Pooja Amy Shah:

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