148: Access Your Body’s Wisdom by Softening Into Uncertainty – @stretchwithlex aka ALEXIS MOORE on Building A Brand from Scratch on Instagram


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Alexis Moore (@stretchwithlex) teaches deep stretching with an emphasis on creating not only a more flexible body, but a more flexible mind that allows you to move through life with less resistance.

Alexis reached out to me on Instagram and shared that she was deeply moved by the episode with Boyd Varty.

When I heard that Alexis had built a community of 7,000 Instagram followers in a matter of months with no previous social media experience and landed a partnership with Revolve – all from a place of intuition and gratitude – I knew I had to share her story with you!

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We discuss:

  • Following what feels alive
  • Pivoting from nursing to fitness
  • Accessing your body’s wisdom
  • Showing up without attachment to the outcome
  • Learning to be ok with not knowing your next step
  • Building a community with 7k followers with no social media experience
  • Merging strategy with intuition
  • What Alexis learned from leading classes on IG Live
  • Revenue streams as a fitness and stretch instructor
  • The course that helped Alexis write sales page and create her sales funnel: Live Launch Academy
  • Overcoming the fear of selling
  • Using your body to create a more conscious mind
  • Building online presence from a place of gratitude
  • Overcoming self-doubt with curiosity
  • How she got a partnership with Revolve
  • How working with a coach changed everything

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