149: Gamifying Life and Business, 5D and Multidimensional Travel – ALINE HANLE


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What is 5D consciousness? Aline Hanle explains it beautifully:

In 5D, everything exists all at once, anything is possible, and the level of perception is higher.

Aline Hanle is a soul strategist, a spiritual guide and a mindfulness teacher. She has spent 25 years of her life deciphering the language of her soul. Her current work is focused on facilitating individual conscious evolution from a 3D reality-simulation (Material world of fear) towards a 5D reality-oneness (Dimensional Harmonic Experience).

Dedicated to provide the best in Conscious Lifestyle strategies, Aline's motto is: "we’re always at the right place, right time, doing the right thing and being the right one".

Aline is the creator of the board game Cosmic Compass, a soul-strategy game that offers you a direct way to answer your life’s questions and find clarity about specific situations. You can play it alone as part of your morning or evening ritual, or with up to 12 people - including kids. I’ve been loving it!

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We discuss:

  • What exactly is 3D, 4D and 5D and how does it apply to you?
  • The difference between Soul and Spirit
  • Relying on your senses instead of logic
  • Business as a way to channel and reveal the uniqueness of who you are
  • Why everything changes when you approach business with playfulness
  • How to approach social media from a 5D perspective
  • Is multidimensional travel real?
  • The dark side as a potential of the light
  • Gamifying life
  • Trusting your choices
  • How to create a business from a place of trust
  • Tuning into what supports the frequency of your business
  • Being a Sirius Starseed
  • Aline’s manifestation process
  • The possibility of building a successful business without social media

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