150: Pioneering Conscious Entrepreneurship – SKY MELTZER of WellSet, Manduka, YogaWorks


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Sky Meltzer is a mission driven leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of global consumer, investment, and management experience. Truly a pioneer in conscious entrepreneurship, he is the founder and executive chairman of WellSet and formerly the CEO of Manduka, where he grew revenue by over 40 times.

I met Sky when we both spoke at Lead with Love Summit in Aspen, CO where the seeds for this conversation were planted. It’s a delight to share this interview with you!

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We discuss:

How to choose business opportunities

Running a purpose driven business

Rethinking marketing for healers and co-founding Wellset

Sky’s personal experience with alternative medicine

The power of acupuncture

Sky shares the pillars behind Manduka’s wild success

Healing the planet by building a community of healers

Knowing your value as a healer and building a business around it

Social media as an amplifier

The consciousness of business

Pioneering conscious leadership

Intuition as a compass

Spontaneity and the art of creating

Growing your capacity for calling in opportunities

Sky’s “social media diet”

Top lessons in Sky’s career so far

Trusting your intuition as an entrepreneur

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