154: Trusting Your Unique Path, Energy Management and Scaling a Coaching Business – LAUREN BONGIORNO


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Lauren Bongiorno, CEO of Lauren Bongiorno Coaching, is challenging the current healthcare system and the world of diabetes management through her company's innovative health coaching programs, educational resources, and her book, The Diabetic Health Journal.

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We discuss:

  • Lauren’s Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) story
  • What led Lauren beyond labs and into coaching and personal development
  • How yoga shifted her path
  • Lauren’s pivot from being a yoga influencer to starting a health coaching business
  • Being yourself over copying someone else on social media
  • Feeling at home in social media in your business
  • Trusting divine timing
  • Behind the scenes structure of Lauren’s Diabetic Health Coaching business
  • How Lauren and I met thanks to mindbodygreen
  • Being on a mission to disrupt healthcare systems that don’t work
  • Holding the vision for who you need to be
  • How to choose a coach
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs by questioning your mind
  • Morning practices to help manage your energy
  • Lauren’s first hire and top lessons from building a team
  • Lauren’t take on product suite and the core product in her Diabetic Health Coaching business
  • Lessons from building funnels that convert
  • Why Lauren and her fiance moved from New York City to nature
  • The importance of making space in your life for what’s next (before you know what it is)


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