142: The Akashic Records with HILARY PEARLSON – Co-Creating Healing and Business with Your Spiritual Team


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Hilary Pearlson is an Akashic Records Reader, Healing Guide, and Founder of The Dreamerie, a supportive space offering readings, courses, and immersion programs to guide you in aligning with your path and purpose through the Akashic Records.

For over ten years, she has drawn on her own courageous health journey to fulfill her mission of helping you heal, shift, and transform into your truest self.

Hilary is a dear friend and my secret weapon when it comes to business strategy, launching, and connecting with my guides through the Akashic Records.

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This conversation is split into two episodes.

In part one of this conversation, we discuss:

  • What led Hilary to leave Chanel and Teen Vogue for the world of wellness
  • A health condition that led to Hilary’s true path to unfold
  • Blogging as a way to create your dream community
  • Taking on your partner’s vision instead of your own
  • Healing from Ramsey Hunt, a version of the shingles
  • Hilary’s journey to becoming an Akashic Records reading
  • Overcoming self-doubt trusting your inner knowing
  • How the Akashic Records work
  • Can anyone open and read the Akashic Records?
  • The importance of practicing energy hygiene around the Akashic Records
  • Connecting to the magic on the other side of imposter syndrome
  • Honoring your hermit mode and time off social media
  • Navigating anxiety and depression
  • Finding balance between being a private person and having an online personal brand

Listen to part two of this conversation in episode 143.

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