069 - Kat Penno & Andy Bellavia - The Hearing Collective & Pushing the Boundaries of Hearing Health


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Guests: Kat Penno - Audiologist & Founder of the Hearing Collective; Andy Bellavia, Director of Market Development at Knowles Corp

Topic: The Hearing Collective & Pushing the Boundaries of Hearing Health

Kat and Andy return to the podcast this week to continue their discussion from 6 months ago during episode 48. This time, the three discuss Blamey & Saunders, an Australian based company that pioneered a variety of remote services and online offerings, which segues into Kat sharing more about her business, The Hearing Collective, which was largely inspired by Blamey & Saunders.

Much of the conversation revolves around the notion of constantly pushing the boundaries in hearing health and honing in on various ways to do so. The group speaks about utilizing new software and providing patients with the latest and greatest ancillary solutions to enhance the overall value proposition and increase the patient's satisfaction.

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