072 - Abram Bailey, AuD & Steve Taddei, AuD - The Hearing Health Market Heats Up: Sonova + Sennheiser & Bose Hearing Aids


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Guests: Abram Bailey, AuD - CEO of Hearing Tracker; Steve Taddei, AuD - Professor at Rock Valley College, Audiologist at Center for Sight & Hearing, and Host of the Hearing Tracker Podcast

Topic: The Hearing Health Market Heats Up: Sonova + Sennheiser & Bose Hearing Aids

Abram and Steve make their debut on the podcast to help break down the recent news of Sonova buying Sennheiser's consumer audio division and Bose introducing its self-fit hearing aids to the market. The three talk through the big picture of what's currently underway in the hearing health industry, what to expect in the short-term, and how hearing professionals can insert themselves into the burgeoning world of mild-moderate solutions in a meaningful and practical way.

In addition, Abram and Steve share the backstory of The Hearing Tracker Podcast and why they decided to pivot the show to a more, NPR-style themed format, and talk about the growing ecosystem of creators in this industry.

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