076 - Andy Bellavia - A New Era in Hearing Loss Solutions


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Guest: Andy Bellavia - Director of Market Development at Knowles Corp

Topic: A New Era in Hearing Loss Solutions

Andy joins Dave on the podcast this week to discuss the continually evolving hearables and hearing health landscape. The two discuss the recent presidential executive order that urges the FDA to accelerate its timeline with issuing its over-the-counter hearing aid guidelines, and discuss why what's happening in the hearables space might ultimately supersede the OTC hearing aid act.

The two go into depth about the three headed beast that stands in the way of hearing solution adoption - price, stigma and friction - and how each are systematically being chipped away at by technological innovation. In addition, Andy and Dave discuss BragiOS - a hearable-specific operating system - and the recent partnerships that Bragi has announced pertaining to BragiOS.

Finally, the two discuss the impact of voice technology to the long-term hearables trajectory, and the way that CEO's at Bragi, MiMi, Skullcandy, and Audioburst are all thinking about voice's role with hearables into the future.

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