079 - Carl Robinson - Rumble Studio: Creating Better Audio Production Tools


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Guest: Carl Robinson, CEO of Rumble Studio and Host of the Voice Tech Podcast

Topic: Rumble Studio: Creating Better Audio Production Tools

Carl joins Dave on the podcast this week to discuss what he and his team are building at Rumble Studio and have a broad-based conversation about the innovation occurring in the audio production space. As the two discuss, audio is in its infancy as a medium and like any form of media is undergoing a significant transformation as it matures. We're seeing this in real-time as new audio formats are being introduced and popularized, such as social audio.

What Carl's team is aiming to build is a platform that enables asynchronous podcast production, enabling an entirely new format of audio production. With Rumble, creators are able to generate a full podcast episode through an asynchronous exchange between host and guest(s), allowing for each side to incrementally build out the conversation, in their own time. As Carl and Dave discuss, this type of format lends itself to a number of interesting possibilities that live podcasting isn't well situated for, ultimately agreeing that we're entering into a new era of audio with a variety of new formats of content emerging.

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