082 - Laurel Christensen, PhD - Charting the Past 30+ Years in Hearing Aid Innovation


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Guest: Laurel Christensen, PhD - Chief Audiology Officer at GN Group

Topic: Charting the Past 30 Years in Hearing Aid Innovation

Laurel sits down with Dave on the podcast this week to share her journey of going from working in her Dad's ENT practice as a teen to earning her PhD and ultimately joining GN Group, where she now serves as the company's Chief Audiology Officer.

Along with sharing her story and some of her most important mentors along the way (specifically Larry Humes), Laurel also discusses her time at Etymotic and the outsize impact Mead Killion has made on the world of hearing health.

The two discuss some of the big breakthroughs that have occurred within hearing aid technology dating back to the late 80's, and look at the current state of the devices and discuss the implications and use cases derived from modern breakthroughs that are underway.

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