085 - Paul Harkness - The 30 Year Hearing Industry Veteran


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Guest: Paul Harkness - CEO of Lantos Technologies

Topic: The 30 Year Hearing Industry Veteran

Paul joins Dave on the podcast this week to share his backstory of working in the hearing health industry for the past 30 years. Paul details his journey in the industry, citing all the various companies and roles he's served, and what industry-related moments stand out the most in his mind along his 30 year journey.

The two discuss Paul's newest role as CEO of Lantos Technologies and the vision for the company. Lantos is a 3D ear scanning company that uses a proprietary balloon membrane to map one's ear canal. Upon completion of the scan, hearing care providers would be able to then quickly send the patients scan to the manufacturer to create some type of custom earpiece. Paul describes the advantages of Lantos' 3D scans, both for provider and patient, as well as the new business model that the company has recently implemented.

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