086 - Jill Davis, AuD - Successfully Implementing Cognivue into a Private Practice


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Guest: Jill Davis, AuD - Doctor of Audiology and Owner of Victory Hearing & Balance

Topic: Successfully Implementing Cognivue into a Private Practice

Jill joins Dave on the podcast this week to share the backstory of why she decided to implement Cognivue's computerized cognitive screener in her Audiology clinic, and some of the major takeaways from the process of doing so.

She describes the process of implementing the device, how she positions it within the patient's visit, the battery of other tests and evaluations that she pairs it with, and how she educates her patients on the results. As the two discuss, Jill is able to formulate a much more wholistic understanding of what the patient is experiencing and is able to tailor her treatment plans more appropriately.

As Jill mentions, one of the biggest advantages that she's seen with implementing Cognivue into her clinic is that it has quite dramatically helped to increase her physician patient referrals. Considerably more patients are coming through Jill's doors via their primary care doctor's recommendation.

As has been the theme on the podcast this year, Cognivue provides Audiologists with yet another unique way to differentiate and elevate their services to stand out from the competition.

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