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Join us each week with host Lord Stirling, Ser Duncan 'the Fearsome' and Lady Rachel of House Fox as we go in- depth and celebrate this amazing, dark, complex show, Game of Thrones. After each episode of Season 8, GoMPodcast goes LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. Then during the week we drop a more in depth episode with all the bells and whistles. Also, pick any episode from the entire series from our Series Rewatch if you need to refresh on any details from GoT! Be heard! Have your spoken words featured on the show by sending us a voicemail or audio file, or have your thoughts and feedback read by Ser Duncan and friends by emailing us. The listeners and great community of GoT/ASoIaF fans are what make this experience truly special! Website: Donate or subscribe! Subscribe in iTunes:…/podcast/game-of-mic…/id982748629… Episode download: Email: Phone: (813) JOFFREY, that's (813) 563-3739 Gab: @GoMPodcast Minds: @GoMPodcast BitChute: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: @GoMPodcast Instagram: @GoMPodcast Tumblr: gameofmicrophones Libsyn:

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