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Back just in time, The Boiz are covering some BIG NEWS this week as Activision/Blizzard (Blizzard/Activision? who knows) has been acquired by Microsoft and THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! Or does it? Who can possibly say? Maybe The Boiz? Maybe not? Listen and find out. While you're listening you can also catch Lux and Griffin discussing the newest episode of Attack on Titan and even some other stuff. It's a wild ride, so enjoy!

Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement

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Art by Rory Blanke

You can find Hailey on Youtube and Instagram at Eateverysound. Griffin is on TikTok and Twitter @Griffinpdavis and streaming at Lux is on twitter @tail_boi and streams on every wednesday at 8:30 central and also at other times.

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