New Year. New Games!


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Happy New Year! The Boiz are back in 2022 and they are looking to get excited. First they discuss their recent gaming experiences, including a lengthy discussion of Halo: Infinite, and then it's on to see what this next year holds. Lux and Griffin discuss the upcoming major releases, as well as some smaller games they're excited about, and start to get hyped for the future of gaming. Will this finally be the year of the PS5? The only way to know is to wait and see, but if you wanna speculate recklessly, tune on in.

Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement

Music by Matthew Morden

Art by Rory Blank

You can find Hailey on Instagram and YouTube @eateverysound, Griffin is on twitter and tiktok @griffinpdavis and streaming on Lux is on twitter @tail_boi and streams on Wednesdays at 830 central at

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