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It has been several years since we did our host/driver introductions and we thought we’d update our newer listeners with a bit of background from each of our hosts. Vicki started from ground zero as a newbie to racing, driving, and car mechanics and has progressed to become one of our top mechanics and an excellent racing driver. We go over where Vicki is currently in her driving career and what her goals are for the next few years. As a bonus, we included the original introduction we had way back when this all began (after we had only raced twice and had zero HPDE’s etc.). We hope you enjoy getting to know us better and learning where we are (or maybe where we think we are) and where we wish to go in the coming years. If we missed something that you wanted to know, please let us know on our website or social media etc.

In this issue of Dominating with Dawson, we go over the ways that a front wheel drive car and a rear wheel drive car behave differently on a track. This subject resurfaced with the start of work on our Honda Civic race car and Jennifer looking to get a Honda Civic project car. It is not the same, but it is somewhat surprisingly similar. Ben also goes into the first few things you can do to adjust the FWD car to behave more like a rear wheel drive car.

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