POTENTIAL - Jerry Schlesser & Ed Dratz - 2017.05.06 - Show #804


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Track 1:


Dr. Dratz' Research and Study

Start Track 2: 21:55

Track 2:


Processed Foods

Lead In Pipes

Start Track 3: 42:02

Track 3:

Call about mind-body connection and Jerry discusses the gut bacteria and brain neurons

30% of the nutrients in your blood are created by bacteria in you intestine!

Serotonin in very important and related to gut health

Vitamin D3 boosts serotonin in brain

Start Track 4: 58:43

Track 4:

Reintroduction & Recap



Calcium In The Bones

Start Track 5: 1:16:31

Track 5:

Vitamin K1 in Vaccinations

Vitamin K2 For The Brain

Effects Of Blood Thinners

Start Track 6: 1:32:02

Track 6:

NRF2 (TranscriptionFactors)

Synaptic Plasticity

How He Made POTENTIAL Work

Early Studies

Immune System & Leaky Gut

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