DEATH BECOMES US - Tommy Donovan - 2017.09.23 - Show #820


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Track 1:


Tommy’s story

4 stages:

  • Dilemma of knowing we are mortal
  • Our need for meaning in the face of this awareness
  • Meeting death squarely
  • The healing power of grief

Start Track 2: 21:45

Track 2:

What is Tommy’s fascination

Terror Management with meaning systems

Ernest Becker “The Denial of Death”

Start Track 3: 43:58

Track 3:

Call from student of Tommy and his relation to doing what he loves and not being afraid of death.

Treatment of the dying in other countries.

Call about if there was no religion that believed in life after death?

Different religion fights

Why don’t treat the dying better?

Start Track 4: 1:05:18

Track 4:

Death and Art/Music

Hospice discussion

Call about times of hardship and staying positive during death.

Start Track 5: 1:27:10

Track 5:


Continuation of Clint’s call…

Call about time for grieving

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