ENERGY SENSITIVE CHILDREN - Red MoonEagle - 2018.03.10 - Show #841


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Track 1:

Introduction to Red Moon Eagle Review empathy and energy sensitivity- who I am

Start Track 2: 21:30

Track 2:

Call about Autistic Children Understanding the needs of spiritual children and their sensitivities to food. Junk affects how they connect to their inner core.

Start Track 3: 43:45

Track 3:

All kinds of names: Star Children, Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, etc. Higher awareness, higher purpose, connections that cannot be stifled. What an energy sensitive child is- how to recognize them.

Start Track 4: 59:09

Track 4:

Guilt- DO NOT SHAME THEM! Instead explain they want to know... Do not try to dumb things down Tools for energy sensitivity: breathing, yoga, meditation, whole foods, empowerment with boundaries

Start Track 5: 1:21:25

Track 5:

Role of Parents The Characteristics of the children

Start Track 6: 1:41:15

Track 6: Dealing with "damaged" children. Why they were damaged and what tends to happen. They will re-write the paradigm of the world More people are "aware"

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