POISONED - Alan Bell - 2018.03.17 - Show #842


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Track 1: Alan Bell's work His book Poisoned

Start Track 2: 18:01

Track 2: More about Alan's book. Call about 2-4D Call about sister almost being killed by an Ozone Air Purifier History of Alan's life

Start Track 3: 36:11

Track 3: Introduction to Alan Bell and his life

Start Track 4: 54:03

Track 4: Lots of callers with personal stories with exposures to chemicals. Talking about greed in the corporations.

Start Track 5: 1:12:11

Track 5: How to modify your personal home/bedroom to become less toxic

Start Track 6: 1:27:33

Track 6: Explaining the mask What made a change for him? His current Detox Daily Call about Butte/Helena and advice towards umbilical cord stem-cells Alan's fight to get labels on ALL INGREDIENTS on cleaning supplies

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