5 ELEMENT NUTRITION - Marcia Scully-Wollerman - 2018.03.24 - Show #843


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Track 1:

Introduction to Marcia

Marcia explaining her start in this field; and her life growing up in Iowa

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Track 2:

Marcia explains her health struggles and talks more about her handicapped daughter and about her family life

Start Track 3: 43:17

Track 3:

History of 5 Element Nutrition Life = Divine Order Ying-Yang Philosophy Western Philosophy Chinese: longevity had to be quality PH Balances 5 organs system had to be part of the meals ESSENCE is more important than VOLUME

Start Track 4: 1:01:18

Track 4:

Birth Maturation fulfillment Morning- Spring Noon- Summer- Fire 5 seasons: Chinese move the earth around in different ways Western medicine is looking more at customized nutrition Nourishing your SOUL while nourishing your BODY

Start Track 5: 1:23:17

Track 5:

Call about GMO's in China Synergistic strength in food - not just molecular! Main meal should be 5 element balancedExamples for people who get tired early afternoon- what to eat! 5 tastes: Wood- sour Fire- bitter Earth- sweet Air/Metal- Sharp/pungant Water- salty

Start Track 6: 1:39:46

Track 6: Call from one of Marcia's clients. Chi: Energy that moves all. Food that grows downward helps chi go down & vice versa. 3 warm levels in our torso. Metal = Lungs Fire = Endocrine (more complex) Wood = Immune System Winter to Spring season and the "flow" of the immune system. Earth = Digestive System Water = Circulatory System

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