AGE OF MONTESSORI - Mary Ellen Maunz M.Ed. - 2018.08.18 - Show #862


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Track 1:

Introduction to Mary Ellen The life of Maria Montessori What make children happiest: their own self development! National test and children at risk and statistics Call about 1895 Kansas 8th grade graduation exam

Start Track 2: 20:11

Track 2:

Dr. Elizabeth Caspari Examples of how the classroom is run Do Montessori children "skip" grades and stories of 6 year old genius

Start Track 3: 41:59

Track 3:

"Education is help to life" The spiritual component of Montessori and how the teacher has to become more spiritual

Start Track 4: 1:03:03

Track 4:

Call about newer developments in technology how is incorporated in Montessori. Different Montessori Avenues. Call about importance of nutrition and learning to cook at a young age. Parenting and teaching from the inside-out.

Start Track 5: 1:21:21

Track 5:

Reintroduction and Recap. Call about proper education and nutrition. "Education starts before conception." Montessori's 3x nominations for Nobel Peace Prize

Start Track 6: 1:37:42

Track 6:

We cover topics such as mental and physical hygiene, executives functions of the brain, and how does Montessori adjust to technological changes and "Montessori Madness" book.

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