INTIMACY - Bob Paul and Donna Wallace - 5.29.2005 - Show #245


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Track 1: Did not record

Track 2:

Bob Paul on Trust

Call on sexual intimacy versus emotional intimacy

Start Track 3: 23:24

Track 3:

Introduction to Donna Wallace

Discussion about missing out on intimacy with one’s self from the rush and distraction of our goals and dreams

Reading by Donna by Henry Nowan?

Vacuum of emotional need

Start Track 4: 44:41

Track 4:

Unconditional Love - is it real?

The search of truth of one’s self

Start Track 5: 1:03:17

Track 5:

Clergymen in relationships

Start Track 6: 1:21:30

Track 6:

Call about intimacy vs passion to have a full life

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