REGRESSION AS THERAPY - Barbara Pomar - 12.17.2006 - Show #322


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Track 1:


What got her started in the topic

Her work with Edgar Gayce Group

"We see people go through cycles, even cycles of misery."

Start Track 2: 17:39

Track 2:

Explain history + acceptance by AMA

  • Used by physicians, psychologists
  • What is it used for?

What is Hypnosis?

What is guided imagery?

Being in 2 time-zones at the same time

Bruce Lipton's work

When to use hypnosis - to reprogram

Sombalistic level - where you can't remember anything

Can prescription drugs or illegal hallucinates effect sessions

Start Track 3: 39:57

Track 3:

Cowboy Hynotherapy

Call about stop smoking hypnosis + taking on bad habits from hypnotist + about the effects of watching TV - especially when you fall asleep to it...

Start Track 4: 57:29

Track 4:

Chuck's success with therapy

Comparing the success of different therapies

Taking us back in time

Reincarnation by Riders In The Sky

Start Track 5: 1:16:53

Track 5:

Research has shown that a body's chemistry actually changes during a hypnotic trance.

Call about the time-sequencing during hypnosis. How far back can we go in a lifetime?

We have so many people on earth. Where did they come from.

Call about famous case in the 50's about farmer taken back in lifetimes. Computer is build after our own minds.

What is Group Soul?

Multiple personalities

Start Track 6: 1:34:13

Track 6:

Effects of drugs (illegal and legal) on hypnotherapy work

Effects of Suicide on soul-growth

What is suicide?

What is unexpected death (S.I.D. Stray Bullet, traffic accident)

The impact of the movie "Ghost"

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