WHOLE BODY CLEANSING - Gaetano Morello - 2010.04.24 - Show #480


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Track 1:


Dr. G talking about family-history

Mother's Bloodpressure - learn how to adopt to stress

Call about herniated disks

  • Comparison of Cantaloupe
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Possible Natural Inflammatory "Curamin"

Track 2:

Call about benefits of Dandelion for Detox

  • poor man's way for cleansing - binding chemicals in the gut

The Bile Pathway

  • 93% of Bile will go back in the blood (in the intestines) unless you have enough fiber in the system
  • Water
  • Fruits + Vegetables (antioxidants)
  • Careful about exposure to toxins

What does detoxing mean?

All humans on the planet have chemical toxicities

  • Are they having a detrimental effect on the body?

  • 400-800 chemical in all of us +/- 280 in umbilical cords
  • Problem existed back in the 60's

Are there symptoms indicating that it's time for a detox?

Track 3:

Story about Roommate in school who was always detoxing

Dr. G was trying to find-out what was going on?

What do we need to do to scientifically to detox?

  • Reduce body burn
  • Minimize toxic exposure
  • optimal diet
  • optimize bowel health
  • strengthen anti-oxidant reserve
  • improve mitochondrial composition
  • enhance detox mechanism in liver
  • enhance heavy metal detoxification

How to start on detoxing?

  • Keep an eye on existing conditions (thyroid)
  • Test on caloric restrictions - exercise combo-program
    • Adipose Tissue (weight loss)
    • Metabolic rate (T3)
    • Organocoroids (pesticides in food)

As people were losing Adipose, organocoroids went WAY UP!

T3's went down weight loss plateaus

Track 4:

Losing Weight, while low caloric + exercise = some detoxing

Work on Caveat of all healing

  • normally digestive tract
    • interesting fact: external organ can be damaged from external factors
  • problem with sugar = glycation
    • process where elevated levels start to get sticky
    • effects of sugar on the system

PH in stomach 1,2-2 (very acidic) - musin

  • why?
    • to break down protein
    • to kill down everything before it goes down to intestine

  • Taking antacids changes to 4-5 PH

We must heal the gut first!

How to increase musin : DGC

  • Megazyme (enzymatic therapy)

Track 5:


Entire Digestive Tract

Call about coffee and fermented foods

  • Coffee Detox
    • good and bad
    • cologenic acid
    • some people have problems with coffee detox but others don't
  • Fermented Foods:
    • many benefits
    • probiotics
    • alkalization of system

Affects of soda-pop on breakdown

Article: Discover Magazine 2006 November

2 guys

  • 6'1" large frame
  • 5'9" medium/small frame
  • Fascinating fact: they were identical twins
    • separated at birth
    • different food, environment & bring-up
  • epigenics:
    • 5% of cancer is genetics
    • 95% is environment

Track 6:

Email about açai detox program

Hypnothyrodiam + detoxification

Pulse pressure + detoxing: blood pressure

  • Pulse = subtract 1 from 2
    • so: 120 over 70
    • pulse = 50
  • High Pulse Pressure 80-100 : could be in certain heart-conditions

Call about salt reduction in diet during last 30 years

How about Iodine intake - causing thyroid problems

Call about ACV: when absorbed in bloodstream it becomes alkaline

Email about taking enzymes instead of body making its own

  • allows pancreas to better regenerate
  • we don't become dependent

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