Miriam Marciano- Dressing Your Body Based on Body Shape - Diet Culture or Not?


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Today's episode with Miriam Marciano - is pretty much packed with information and insight.

If you know me by now- you see that I am much more interested in speaking out a topic and fleshing it out then saying my one and only opinion. I don't really work like that and nor does this podcast.

Miriam and I had so many fun, interesting things we wanted to cover! Miriam is a personal stylist - so right off the bat you may think of her as someone super materialistic. You might have your ideas about her and her business. That she, like many other business in the beauty industry, are just praying on our insecurity's. This is the opposite of what Miriam is, what she stands for and what her brand represents.

Miriam is here to help you find clothes that fit you well and that you can feel beautiful and confident in.

We all struggle with questions of self worth. Maybe we have tied our self worth to our weight or our business, or ANYTHING, these are fundamental things that we must explore in our lives.

Miriam and I sort of unpacked that here on this episode.

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A word from Miriam: As the founder of Miriam Marciano Styling and SAMI NY Clothes, I help women look amazing and feel confident in their clothes.

Thank you for being here!

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