#BlackWomenareDopeAF From Fat, Black, & Unlovable to a Beautiful, Powerful, Love!


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In this episode of #GetOnCode, we build with the founder of Beautiful Powerful Love. ​Barbara Pamplin’s life was changed by 50, 3, and 3. That's 50 days in Intensive Care, 3 open heart surgeries, and 3 deaths and resuscitations – all in the fall of 2017. Barbara has written a memoir/self-help book that looks through the lens of family dynamics, personal narrative-making, and the legacy of slavery and institutional racism to examine the core beliefs that took a toll on her heart and how she is transforming those beliefs to reclaim her well-being. Her book, From Fat, Black, and Unlovable to Beautiful. Powerful. Love., offers personal practices that guide us through self-reflection, perspective-taking, and celebration—all in service of healing and transformation. Black Women are DOPE AF! Focused on #Empowerment, specifically #BlackEmpowerment, the Get On Code (The Fly Guy Show), is built on the #EmpowermentAgenda, and led by the Conscious Ω Bruh' @SekoVarner aka #MrEmpowerment. #GetOnCodeShow #GetOnCodePodcast #TheFlyGuysShowInterested in sponsoring the podcast? Email TheFlyGuysShow@gmail.com .

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