Caroline Jones: Playing by her own rules in Country Music and making BIG waves w superstars.


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Zac Brown just asked Caroline to join him and his band on his Comeback Tour to play, sing and entertain along side him. She plays and wails on about 7 instruments, has a voice of an angel, is sassy, sexy, and confident to do her career HER way. She’s always been about the long game. Building a grassroots solid fan base for who she is as an artist rather than trying to fit a mold, has always been her vibe. She has toured and released singles with Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown and considers then great friends and mentors. Caroline attracts greatness bc she is great. She hasn’t ever sold herself short,and icons have taken notice of that. She explains her life philosophy to me, her journey plus how she never thought she would fall in love, but now is engaged to a famous sailor and head over heels in love… they lived in New Zealand all during covid bc of his job and had an absolute fairytale experience. Caroline follows her soul and it has led to a magical journey.

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