GINGER STACHE: Chief Creative Officer to Pastor & Mogul Joyce Meyer


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I absolutely had the most fascinating and stimulating conversation with Ginger about God, life, unjustness and suffering, and how to find happiness in day to day life no matter what your life looks like…….

This is what Ginger’s new book, CHASING WONDER is all about….. Life is meant to be a grand adventure, and in CHASING WONDER, Ginger helps you set the plan for this big adventure called LIFE! You can certainly survive without adventure--keep your head down and live in your comfort zone, doing only what you must to maintain the day-to-day. But It should surprise and wow us on a regular basis. The problem is our days are so full of routine, monotony, and fear, that it is easier to stay on that treadmill of boredom than it is to step off into the unknown and discover something wonderful.

Stache firmly believes that we are at our best when we live with an attitude that life is an adventure--an outlook that sets the stage by believing that every moment has the potential to bring something amazing, a sight to behold, or a lesson to be learned.

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