Holly Christine Hayes: founder of Santuary Project, employing survivors of trafficking, violence and addiction


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This interview was super emotionally intense and real. Holly is a survivor of human trafficking, abuse, and addiction. When she hit rock bottom, she found herself homeless and crying out on the floor of a public bathroom. She got real with me about when her childhood abuse began, and how that affected so much of her life thereafter. She talked about signs to look for with your children and why it’s so important to pay attention to changes in your child’s behavior. She then walked me through her journey into trafficking. I didn’t realize that most women become trafficked through a boyfriend or someone close to them. Now she is truly thriving in life. She is a force of light and goodness. Holly is the Founder/CEO of a company helping other women break out of the dark cycle. Sanctuary Project is a survivor-run nonprofit jewelry enterprise, based in Austin, that provides meaningful employment and job training to women who have survived trafficking, violence and addiction. The jewelry is stunning and carried in Target! Holly is now a wife, mom author and speaker. She and I spent the most magical day together with our families after our interview; I am blessed to know Holly and anyone who listens to this episode will be blessed by her story!

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