Love + One: Mother Daughter Duo changing lives in Uganda, including Lauren and Thomas Rhett


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This duo made up of Mother, Suzanne and daughter Grace, tell me what it’s like to dive head first into starting Love + One International, a 501(c)3 non-profit, providing access to life-saving medical care and rehabilitative services to children and families in Uganda. They share the trials they have faced, how the only road map they have followed has been God’s open doors and the conviction in their hearts.

When Mike and Suzanne Mayernick, parents of eight, adopted their daughter JosieLove from Uganda in 2009, they had no idea how much her life would change the direction of their own lives.

JosieLove, just three years old, had malaria, tuberculosis and was HIV positive – but after just a few months of receiving the love, attention, and medical care she needed, she blossomed into a healthy child. Watching JosieLove’s transformation sparked a fire inside their family to commit to nurturing other sick children through love and proper medical care in order to help them thrive, so Suzanne and her eldest daughter Grace founded Love + One International. You wanna hear this episode. It’s life changing on how to answer God’s call on your heart and the life giving rewards of love received when you do.

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