Marie Joe: Founder and Head designer for JFY.. a top female design company that focuses on timelessness and bringing each client’s personality to life.


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Marie-Joe is born French Canadian. She lived and loved half of her life in Canada then relocated to America with her husband for his job opportunity just over 2 decades ago. Talk about a woman who knows how to pivot, re-invent herself, follow her curiosity and passion, put herself out there even when she doesn’t see the road, just the first step... that’s Marie-Joe. I LOVE Marie-Joe’s zest for a passionate life and her willingness to just go for it. She doesn’t overthink or doubt her instincts and gifts. She isn’t scared to be the boss and make important choices. I learned so much from this conversation. Key points: be confident, be bold, don’t be scared to try something you’re curious about and feel like you could be gifted in, start small and within your network of people and work for free/part time/side hustle in the beginning, gaining experience is priceless and essential... You can build a thriving, top career from the bottom up while being a mother, just learn your boundaries. Marie-Joe talks about finding her way in a new country, charting her own course with her design dreams, balancing motherhood, marriage and career and not feeling guilty for needing all 3 in her life, which comes with learning when to make sacrifices and where. This episode is crucial for women who want to know how to have it all and be so round of your life, family and relationships without sacrificing it all.

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