The Dryes: Husband Wife duo using the pain of their past and hope for their future to inspire us to trust in the bigger plan.


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Derek Drye was 30 years old when he remembers hearing his mother's voice for the very first time. “I found these videotapes of my mom that I didn't know existed," the North Carolina native quietly tells PEOPLE about the memories he discovered back in 2018 of his late mother, who died by suicide when he was just a baby. "I had seen pictures and stuff, but I had never heard that Carolina drawl that she had, until I pressed play." Their song “War” was born from that heartache and the music video features the only footage Derek has ever seen of his mom. Powerful. Derek told me that writing “War” was very healing for him and his family, bc where words often fail, music can heal. That’s what the Dryes do... they use the pain and experiences and dreams of their life and write music that gets in your soul and moves it. Their new song “Whites Creek” is about finding God in their dream home. The crazy thing is, they hadn’t even bought this house when they wrote the song, they just knew they were going to plant their roots and build their family in whites creek in this future house. The Dryes are vessels for God and use their music and life to spread His glory, even in their darkest moments. This episode will leave you inspired and will remind you how God truly makes His message out of every mess and heartache we experience if you let Him in.

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