Episode 43: Hack the Bucket


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Today Spense and Brit are getting into Pikes 127-129 (Paint to the Tile, Tucked into Dreams, and Forever Lake) and also dive deep into Movie 43, a dude at KFC that didn’t want to wear gloves when dredging the chicken, Naked Gun 33 1/3 is the best numbered sequel ever, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Snuff Box, Matt Berry’s Psychedelic Rock, Britain gets blackout drunk and loses their keys at the Mayor’s house, Spenser gets blackout drunk and hurls in his hair, reaching rock bottom at The Rock Woodfired Pizza, Bootsy Collins, scooping on multi-band compression, people who say they’re speechless are still speaking, Coitus Interruptus, Britain is a pollinator (they jerk off at the cummunity garden), 162:55:11, Bucketspectrum behavior, what is P-Sticks up to?, the Bucketcast is a self-imposed purgatory, can’t spell gravy without gay, Spense can’t shut the fuck up about The KLF, I Think You Should Leave Season 2, Assassination Classroom, Anime Pussy, and some real masterclass Bucketjokes.
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