Episode 64: Sixty-Nine Star General


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Today the Bucketbois are flying solo into the void of Pikes 190-192 [17-15 Days Til Halloween](1079, Cellar, and Grotesques). We also discuss how Bill Cosby is a fan of the pod, dipping in the big toe (of experience), having sex with your doppelgänger, a 5-Pentagram General, who is the alpha Spenser at the geek squad?, Britain’s fucked up foot, Spenser breaks his foot as a kid, a history of Buckethead interviews, Mesothelioma, the worst Pike?, the Tandoori Chicken guy (one of the worst customers), A Boy and His Dog (1975), Stargate Fans, gettin Parrotpilled in Margaritaville with Jimmy Buffet, New Rule: We won’t show feet on the stream (unless they’re Spenser’s), Doom (2016), Overcooked 1+2, and putting bible verses over pictures of Yanni.

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