Celebrating 1 Year of Getting in the Loop and Circular Economy Learning


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Today we’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the Getting in the Loop podcast! Let's look back at a year of circular economy learning. The episode features a clip from the very first Getting in the Loop podcast episode with Professor David Peck from TU Delft.

Thank you to everyone who went on Linkedin and posted after our last episode. You can find the related article and join in on the conversation here: www.linkedin.com/pulse/three-positive-takeaways-circular-economy-from-current-whalen/

Will you join me with thanking our previous circular economy expert guests? Here's how: 1) Think about a past interview episode that you really enjoyed or learned a lot from. 2) Share a link to that episode on your favorite social media platform. Bonus: You can even write why you enjoyed the episode and tag the interviewee!

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