Circular Business Models and Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy with Katherine Whalen


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It’s our last episode of 2019! Today I’m sharing an episode I recorded about circular business models with Steven Curtis and Sofie Sandin, two of my colleagues at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. This episode originally appeared on the ‘Advancing Sustainable Solutions’ podcast that Sofie and Steven co-host at the IIIEE. I wanted to share it with you all because of the insight into circular business models! In the episode we address two main questions:

  1. What are circular business models?
  2. How can entrepreneurs contribute to the circular economy?

As part of the latter question, I share a bit about what we’re learning in the C://BOOT program, where I helped mentor twenty-one budding circular economy entrepreneurs this past fall.

This episode is actually the first of three episodes from ‘Advancing Sustainable Solutions’ on business in a circular economy. If you want to check out the second and third installments after listening to today’s episode, head over to!

FYI: the Getting in the Loop podcast will take a three-week break for the holidays and resume Jan 13, 2020 with Episode 38. Happy holidays and can’t wait to connect with you again in the New Year!

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