#53: Circular Economy in Healthcare and the Pharmaceutical Industry with Frederik van Deurs


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Frederik van Deurs joins us on the podcast today! Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Frederik is the CEO of the Green Innovation Group, which has worked with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk in a circular innovation challenge. Today you will learn about this challenge and Frederik’s takeaways. Our conversation really got me thinking about circular economy in healthcare and how to address consumable products in a circular way, since Novo Nordisk produces +500 million insulin pens a year. Let’s dive into today’s podcast and learn what Frederik has to say about the process of working with Novo Nordisk to look into plastic alternatives, take back solutions, and the possibilities to use enzyme waste to produce new products. Resources and links discussed in this episode can be found at gettinginthelooppodcast.com .

About Today’s Guest

Frederik is CEO of Green Innovation Group, which is a consulting firm that makes strategy and innovation for large clients. Frederik graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a specialty in anthropology and alternative societies. Last year, Frederik and the Green Innovation Group were a key part of the Novo Nordisk Innovation Challenge. Through the challenge Novo Nordisk and the Green Innovation Group looked at 350 circular economy companies before adopting five in an accelerator. Novo Nordisk is currently running pilot projects with several of the companies from the accelerator.

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