Does Canada have a Circular Economy? with Paul Shorthouse


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Want to know what’s happening with the circular economy in North America and especially Canada? In this week’s episode of the Getting in the Loop circular economy podcast I speak with Paul Shorthouse from the Circular Economy Leadership Coalition. Paul shares examples of circular economy in Canada, tells us why he believes North America is ready to adopt a circular economy, and explains the regional differences that could influence how circular economy concepts are adopted in North America. About

Today’s Guest

Paul Shorthouse is one of Canada’s leading experts in the emerging circular economy, providing solutions and engaging leaders who are working at the intersection of business innovation, public policy, economic development, and sustainability. In February 2021, Paul took on the role of Managing Director of the Circular Economy Leadership Coalition (CELC), and continues in his role with the GLOBE Series and The Delphi Group where he is a senior director and leads their Green and Circular Economy practice nation-wide.

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