#61: Four Steps to Taking Circular Action and This Circular Economy Podcast Turns Two!


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Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the Getting in the Loop podcast! To celebrate, I’m answering your most frequently asked questions: “How can I get started implementing a circular economy?” “What can I do?”

In this episode, I share four steps to action-oriented circular economy. I’ve developed them based on what I’ve learned from our podcast guests and my own PhD research since launching the world’s first circular economy podcast two years ago. I’ve dubbed it ACT C(ircular) to help you remember:

A: Acknowledge what you already know. What skills and expertise do you have? How could you draw on them?

C: Commit to a small scope. Think small.

T: Try out different CE strategies. Trial and error.

C(ircular): Check the outcomes. What are the benefits?


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